Data drives business operations and has been a critical player in spearheading organizational advancement and innovation. Data volumes continue to explode and are increasingly fragmented across devices, locations and services. With the vast separation of data silos, many struggle to break down barriers that stand in the way of total data management, protection and recovery.

Due to complexity, cost and performance, organizations have neglected data protection and recovery for their mission-critical information. Your data shouldn’t stand in the way, and that’s why we are offering a modern, intelligent solution to data management and protection.

Data Management and Protection

MANAGED 24/7/365

Our data management solution is supported and managed 24/7/365 by a team of trained and certified engineers out of Pittsburgh, PA.

eliminte data silos

Break down disparate, disconnected data silos with a singular solution that can bring together all data types, on-premises, in the cloud or applications.

reduce data risk

Protect large data volumes from disasters, as well as ensure organizations are compliant with strict regulatory data standards and governance.

reduce dr costs

One solution created to aggregate all data types and volumes can eliminate recovery complexity and costs, and the need for multiple pinpoint restore solutions.

Protect all data in a single solution

Our single-system solution supports all data types, data bases, and file systems to ensure total data protection. Eliminate multiple backup and recovery solutions by eliminating data silos and unstructured data. Backups will be taken of all your data, no matter where they live – on-premises or public and private clouds.

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Data Portability

Data portability and rapid recovery

Disconnected data sets can be replicated into the cloud for cost-effective storage. When a disaster strikes, the required compute needed is provisioned at that time, saving costs. Recovery of your data environment is completed in the cloud ensuring business continuity and flexibility.

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